We focus on high quality, innovative design and permanent improvement of performance.

Kaiping Loy Plumbing Co., Ltd , founded in 2017, is Chinese leading manufacturer of attachable bidets.With over 10 years' oversea experience and market leadership, our company has been offering innovative solutions to satisfied customers in our country as well as overseas.

Our products are manufactured with an attractive design and can be installed on most standard toilets.We focus on high quality and are committed to permanent improvements in design and performance.A systematic planning and coordination of production activities combined with European state-of-the-art technology is the perfect interaction to ensure high quality standards.

Each and every one of our attachable bidets undergoes rigorous tests in order to guarantee its efficiency.

To ensure our customers' safety, all our products are exclusively mechanical with no electrical components.Efficiency, professionalism and providing a better quality of life for our customers is our mission.



We focus on high quality, innovative design and permanent improvement of performance.

A plus in the daily personal hygiene of the whole family

In many countries the bidet plays an essential role in everyday personal hygiene. Water is a natural way of cleansing and provides you with freshness and comfort, as well as enhancing your health. WATERSENSE ' s soothing upward water stream cleanses gently, thoroughly and efficiently.
By using the bidet, you can partly or completely replace toilet tissue, thus avoiding irritation which paper can cause. After using WATERSENSE , it is important to keep the area dry.
We suggest using a cotton towel. Fundamental for the feminine personal hygiene, especially for those who want a more effective hygiene during menstrual periods and also during and after pregnancy. Cleansing with water saves time as well as it gives you a feeling of freshness and cleanness. Prevention of illness: Use of the bidet can help avoid bacteria and can also help prevent haemorrhoids, as well as inflammation and urinary tract infections, which can result from inadequate hygiene. Men and women with medical conditions like haemorrhoids profit from a more effective hygiene. It is also suitable for people with colon disorders and also chronic illnesses such as inflammation of the digestive tract. Constipation problems can be relieved.
WATERSENSE 's gentle upward water flow may help relax muscle tension and reduce pain. The perfect complement for barrier-free restrooms. It is suitable for people with different sorts of disabilities including arthritis, Parkinson, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, among others.

Eco friendly

WATERSENSE is user-friendly and can be installed on either 1-piece or 2-piece toilet, thus meeting some of the requirements of people with disabilities. It gives more independence and confidence and makes everyday hygiene easier. A definite aid for senior citizens. Many people depend on help from others regarding daily care and hygiene.
Because WATERSENSE is simple to use, it grants them more independence and comfort. Suitable for children. It is easy to operate with no complicated buttons or functions and it is purely mechanical without any electrical components.
WATERSENSE Hot and Cold water model includes a mixing valve in order to achieve the desired water temperature.
Environmental friendly. Using less toilet tissue benefits the plumbing system in your home and above all benefits purification plants which handle sewage.
More WATERSENSE features. Enjoy all the advantages and benefits which WATERSENSE offers you and your family.


We focus on high quality, innovative design and permanent improvement of performance.


How to install WATERSENSE to your toilet.


We focus on high quality, innovative design and permanent improvement of performance.


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